Recycling Tips

Recycling in Westchester Works!

County officials confirm that 100% of what is collected is recycled. 

According to the 2021 Annual Report, Westchester collected

Since 2003, the amount of residential solid waste the Refuse District has disposed of has decreased from 495,659 tons to 390,243 tons in 2021, a reduction of over 105,416 tons or 21%. View the report here.

Recycle Right!

Recycling rules can be confusing and recycling incorrectly can cause problems. These include contaminating the material being collected, thereby decreasing its value, and damaging recycling equipment. In 2018, NYS launched the Recycle Right campaign to improve our recycling system and educate residents on how to properly recycle and reduce waste through reuse.

Step 1: Know your local recycling guidelines

Step 2: Properly prepare your recyclables

Step 3: Protect recyclables from bad weather

Step 4: Purchase products made from recycled materials 


A special note about all film plastic recycling

Never put any type of plastic bag or packaging in your curbside pickup. Film plastic is recycled through a different process. This includes carry out bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, plastic wrapping and more. 

You can drop off this film plastic at the Acme in Bronxville (there’s a designated bin by the exit) or at any other large grocer. Learn more about film plastic recycling here.

Why it is important to our community

Our trash is trucked 30 miles north to Peekskill where it is incinerated. This process has pros and cons.

Pros: Instead of sending garbage to landfills, it is burned in a giant Wheelabrator facility that generates energy from waste. 

Cons: The process is expensive, requires significant energy, and creates pollution; the toxic ash that remains is sent to landfills. 

Decreasing waste in our trash stream is a significant contribution we can all make on a daily basis. And, as you know, recycling is an important part of the solution -- it’s good for the environment, economy, and our communities.

Westchester County’s goal is to reduce the trash generated per person per day to an average of .6 pounds by 2030. The 2018 average was 3.9 pounds. If we all pitch in, we can achieve this ambitious goal.