Solar Panels

Solar Panels: Most Impact

Putting solar panels on your home creates renewable energy that feeds into ConEd’s grid and considerably reduces your electric bill and your carbon footprint.

Solar panel technology is constantly improving, and prices are decreasing. There are also significant tax credits and rebates to help offset the installation costs. However, as with any home improvement project, there are many factors to consider.

New Bronxville Solar Ordinance!

A new solar ordinance passed in March 2022 making it more likely that roof-mounted or ground-mounted solar panels will work for you. The new ordinance allows solar panels to be placed anywhere on the roof of your home, as long as the design makes efforts to blend in and look uniform. The panels may also cover a significant portion of the rooftop. Certain siting and design restrictions apply. The Trustees’ intention was to create a flexible ordinance that achieves a balance between facilitating this technology while maintaining Bronxville’s aesthetic appeal.

The permitting process has also been streamlined. Unless adding solar panels is part of a larger project that requires Land Use Board approval, permit applications are made directly to the Design Review Committee and approved by the Planning Board.

Bronxville residents Pam Lippe and Guy Morris, who have had to wait to install the second half of their solar project, can now complete it. Pam says, “This forward-looking ordinance will allow us to put up enough panels to meet all our needs, including charging our electric cars. The ordinance brings Bronxville in line with the goals of New York State, our nation, and the world.”

For further details, you can find Bronxville Solar Ordinance HERE and see below for tips on how to get started.

Benefits of Solar Panels

  • Reduces or eliminates electrical bills.

  • Provides energy independence and significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

  • Tax credits and rebates are available to cover installation costs.

  • New technology offers aesthetic improvements.

  • Your home doesn't necessarily need full sun to take advantage of solar

  • Requires little maintenance and has longevity.

Adding a solar energy system to your private property is just one of the exciting opportunities available to Bronxville residents who want to save money while making the village more sustainable!

Getting Started

Choose how to finance your project; there are many ways (1) Full-service solar developers: A solar company installs the system and offers financing (2) Solar financing lender: A solar company installs the system but a bank, credit union, utility, or other entity arranges with you to finance it. (3) Third-party ownership: You enter into a “solar lease” or “power-purchase agreement (PPA)” with a company that installs, owns, and maintains the system. You incur no upfront costs and make pre-determined payments, but you’re not eligible for tax incentives. These are complex agreements that should be reviewed by an attorney who is an expert in solar energy.