Climate Smart


Bronxville is now registered as a NYS Climate Smart Community!

Climate Smart Community is a New York State program intended to assist municipalities in addressing climate change by identifying concrete steps they can take within a specified framework. Thirty-one of the 48 municipalities in Westchester are registered, some already with Bronze and Silver certification, and we are proud to announce Bronxville is now joining this important program.

Benefits of Becoming a Climate Smart Community

  • Become eligible for grant money to help pay for clean energy adaptations.

  • Acquire a well-defined, robust framework to help prioritize and highlight our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability.

  • Gain access to resources and expert guidance provided by the State.

  • Save money through greater efficiencies.

  • Achieve greater energy independence and security.

  • Enjoy cleaner air, soil, and water.

  • Reduce flood risks.

  • Receive credit for some steps the Village has already taken.

  • Strengthen community bonds as we work together toward these goals.

Examples of Action Steps Recognized by the Program

  • taking an inventory of our greenhouse gas emissions and devising a plan to reduce them;

  • shifting to renewable energy;

  • adopting smart land-use practices;

  • promoting energy-efficient building codes;

  • responsibly sourcing products used by Village operations;

  • reducing trash generated by residents, and increasing recycling rates;

  • enhancing our resilience to climate change.

Meeting Tough Climate Goals

The Community Leadership and Climate Protection Act (CLCPA) is the law in New York State. It sets extremely ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making the transition to renewable energy:

*85% Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

*100% zero-emission electricity by 2040

*70% renewable energy by 2030

Advisory committees are now meeting to determine exactly how we will meet those goals; the New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC) will have the authority to enforce whatever legal framework eventually emerges. By working now to earn points through the Climate Smart Communities program, Bronxville will be best positioned for whatever new legislation emerges from Albany.

In February 2021, Bronxville’s Village Trustees passed the Climate Smart Community resolution, created a Climate Smart Task Force and identified a Program Coordinator, who will be a liaison between the Climate Smart Task Force and the Village government.

Once New York State confirms that Bronxville has taken these steps, we will be officially registered as a Climate Smart Community. Then we can choose among the 100 action steps that will win us the 120 points required for Bronze Certification.

Role of the Green Committee

The Green Committee will strive to contribute toward earning points for Bronze Certification. We, and the Climate Smart Task Force, are thrilled by this opportunity to work with Mayor Marvin, Jim Palmer, the Trustees, and Village staff.

Your Role

Our success will depend on you, the residents of Bronxville! The actions we take together will make a quantifiable difference in transitioning to renewable energy and creating a sustainable future.

We'll continue to update you on how you can help us earn points toward Bronze—and then Silver!—certification.

Our Climate Smart Task Force

Helen Knapp, Bronxville Village Trustee

Stephen Shallo, Assistant to Town Administrator Jim Palmer, Climate Smart Coordinator

Ellen Edwards, Chair, Bronxville Green Committee & Climate Smart Task Force

Maria Terjanian, Community Engagement Chair, Bronxville Green Committee

Pam Lippe, President of e4,Inc., specializing in energy efficient construction

Charles Miers, Publisher Rizzoli USA

Craig Hart, Director of Pace Energy and Climate Center, Pace University Law School

Carole Upshur, Professor Emeritus, Department of Family Medicine & Community Health, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Thomas Breglia, New York Presbyterian Hospital Director of Westchester Facilities

Elizabeth Brennan, Bronxville High School Student

Joseph Cutaia, Bronxville High School Student