Electric Vehicles

Electrify Your Transportation

Electric Vehicles save money and reduce air pollution. If you replace your gas vehicle with a battery electric vehicle charged at an outlet in your garage and power it with solar energy from Community Solar or solar panels on your home, you’ll reach net zero for your transportation needs!

As you're aware, EVs are becoming more widely available and cost-effective. There are several types of electric cars on the market today.

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) are designed without any gasoline back up therefore producing ZERO emissions. If you’re a two-vehicle household, consider making the second one an EV. It's an easy way to make the transition. Studies have shown that the higher purchase price of an EV is easily offset by the much lower cost of maintaining and operating an electric vehicle.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) charge the batteries at a charging station and go farther on the electric-only miles before the back-up gas engine takes over. If you’re using the car for local trips and short commutes, you can avoid using gasoline altogether. Because they use less gas and more electric power they save about 36% on greenhouse emissions.

Hybrid vehicles (HEVs) combine an on-board battery that allows the car to use battery power for some miles driven before a back-up gasoline engine kicks in. The Toyota Prius is an example. Hybrid vehicles don’t need to be plugged in and they operate like regular gasoline-powered vehicles. Hybrids get good gas mileage and they reduce emissions by about 22%.

A Westchester County bond issue passed in May 2020 provides $1 million to install additional charging stations throughout the county. Bronxville has installed charging stations for four EVs—two in the parking lot next to the train station on Parkway Road and two in the Kensington Street garage.

EV Charging Station at Parkway Road Parking Lot in Bronxville

Why purchase a battery electric vehicle?

  • Affordability & sustainability! Fueling with electricity costs less than with gasoline.

  • Improves air quality! No tailpipe means no emissions!

  • Save on maintenance -- no more oil changes or engine issues! EVs have far fewer parts than gas-powered vehicles, which means fewer repairs required.

  • Enjoy the convenience of charging at home instead of making trips to the gas station.

  • Fun to drive! A powerful, quiet, and smooth ride with amazing acceleration.


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