Bronxville Elementary School Launches Zero Waste Program

Students at the Bronxville Elementary School are enthusiastically participating in a new Zero Waste Program!

The program provides an easy way for students to separate their lunch leftovers and trash into color coded RECYCLE, COMPOST and TRASH bins with the goal of reducing the school's waste stream. The system allows commingled recyclables to be properly sorted for recycling and food waste to be sent to a commercial composter. Turning wasted food into compost reduces air pollution associated with incineration or methane gas associated with landfills and completes a natural cycle in which nutrients are returned to the earth, enabling the soil to grow more food. “I am in awe of how excited our students are about this initiative,” says Anthony Vaglica, Bronxville Elementary School Vice Principal.

The launch of the Zero Waste Program also included sustainability education led by the Greenburgh Nature Center at a K-5 assembly and in classroom lessons. The program is a successful community collaboration among the Elementary School Administration, High School Environmental Club, and Bronxville Village Green Committee; it was supported by a grant from the Bronxville School Foundation. Vaglica continues, “I have enjoyed working with Greenburgh Nature Center, the Bronxville Green Committee, and the High School Environmental Club. It’s great to see so many within the school invested in this work because of its positive environmental impact. The students are very interested in the environment and see and understand the benefits of adequately disposing of waste. I hope this idea becomes a K-12 program and expands into the community.”

If you’re looking to implement these efforts at home, please consider joining the Village’s residential Food Scrap Recycling program. The program launched last year and more than 130 Bronxville households are now participating! It’s an easy and convenient way to make a positive environmental impact in everyday life. This is not backyard composting--it’s just another recycling stream in your home.

The Village offers a kit that includes everything you need for easy and clean kitchen collection of all your food scraps and waste. It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Collect, Store & Transfer, Drop Off.