Food Scrap Recycling

Coming December 2021! Sign Up for the program now!

The Village of Bronxville is proud to announce our new Residential Food Scrap Recycling Program is launching in December 2021!

Food Scrap Recycling is an easy way to separate food scraps out of the waste stream to transform it into vital compost and reduce the pollution and costs associated with sending it to an incineration facility. This is a voluntary program. Sign Up!

It's easy as 1-2-3: Collect, Transfer and Drop off

Just COLLECT your food scraps, STORE & TRANSFER in a secure bin and DROP OFF behind Village Hall for commercial composting.

Bronxville will be using the Scarsdale FSR model. Check out the video with information What, How and Why! Scarsdale Food Scrap Recycling Program - What, How, Why - YouTube

The Food Scrap Recycling Kit includes a countertop pail, transfer bin, roll of compostable liners and an instructional guide.

Village Hall will soon be providing kits that contain everything you need. The kit will be sold to residents for the “at cost” price of $25. You can sign up for the program now and pick up and pay for the kit later--either during our launch event or in Village Hall during regular business hours.

You can also use your own bins and compostable liner bags for this program, however, liner bags MUST be certified compostable. Biodegradable is not accepted. Look for the BPI certified compostable logo! You can also purchase additional liners from Village Hall.

Learn more about the program from our FAQs.

Why it is important to our community

Food waste is not trash: Food scraps are one of the largest components of trash sent to landfills and incinerators, however, food scraps are not trash. They are a resource that can be turned into useful compost. Recycling food scraps into compost captures their nutrients and energy and returns them to the environment.

Reduces trash and incinerator pollution: The FSR program will reduce the amount of trash the Village sends to the Peekskill incineration facility. Food scraps consist largely of water, which does not burn well, so removing them from the regular waste stream will allow the Peekskill incinerator to burn more efficiently—saving energy, reducing pollution and costs.

Creates food waste awareness: As residents begin to separate their food waste from the rest of their garbage, they become more aware of how much food they toss, often prompting them to buy less or change their usage habits. Ultimately, this can lead to less waste and potentially less waste management expenses.

Provides a cost neutral solution: Westchester County is now subsidizing the cost of hauling which makes the FSR program “cost neutral” for Bronxville, meaning that what the Village pays to have food scraps trucked to the Peekskill incinerator as regular trash equals the cost of transporting them to a commercial composter instead. The Village covers some additional minor costs associated with purchasing bins and signage.