Where We Give

The Bronxville Giving Garden currently donates to two food distribution programs:

Eastchester Community Action Partnership (ECAP), located at 142 East Main St, Tuckahoe, NY, provides many services to families in need, including an emergency food pantry. Led by coordinator Denise Chin, ECAP is a component of WestCOP, whose mission is to mobilize and efficiently manage resources through partnerships and collaborations to assist the low-income and at-risk populations in Tuckahoe, Eastchester, and Bronxville. 

Community Service Associates (CSA) of Mt Vernon, located at 38 E 1st Street, Mt Vernon, NY, provides “Grab and Go” dinners four nights a week at 8 South 2nd Avenue for anyone in need. Director Jared Appuzo told us, “The vegetables we receive from BGG are a wonderful addition to our nightly dinners. We strive to provide nutritious meals to our guests, and what better way than to give fresh garden vegetables! Serving an average of 80 meals per night, four nights per week--produce can get very expensive and our partnership with the BGG helps alleviate some of those costs. Thanks, BGG!” In the summer of 2022, Farmer Dave grew a bumper crop of basil and used it to make a quart of pesto for CSA. To learn more, visit CSA

Who We Teach

The Bronxville Giving Garden welcomes school groups! Over the years, we’ve run programs for the Reformed Church and Eliza Frost Nursery Schools, and for groups from the Bronxville School. This spring, the Bronxville Sprouts held programs adjacent to the garden. Kindergarten and pre-K classes have planted sunflower seeds along the perimeter of the garden, identified the vegetables growing, and learned about irrigation and the need to fence the garden to keep out rabbits. Last year we hosted Bronxville Middle School kids and discussed climate change, vegetable growing techniques, and food insecurity.

If your group is interested in holding educational programs at the Giving Garden, please contact us at info@givinggarden.com.