Clean Energy

The greatest threat to our planet, is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan, Polar explorer and environmental leader

To address climate change, we’re told we must “transition to clean energy,” but what does that mean for an individual or a family?

As Bronxville residents, there are many impactful clean energy decisions we can make in our homes and with our transportation.

Our Goal: Reduce or eliminate our use of oil, propane and natural gas to operate our homes and our transportation.

The Solution: Electricity can be generated from three proven sources of renewable energy -- solar, wind, and hydroelectric. If we transition to electrifying everything and use clean energy to power it, we'll achieve close to net zero emissions.

In Bronxville, ConEd maintains the electrical grid, delivers your energy and handles the billing, but as the consumer you can choose which type of energy you are receiving. By switching to programs like Community Solar, for example, you can power your home with solar energy at a less expensive rate just by selecting this option!

Next Steps: Most of us want to switch to clean energy, but are too busy to properly evaluate what's best for our home, research options, meet with contractors and so on. We're here to help! Learn how you can take immediate action with programs like Community Solar and better understand long-term projects like heating and cooling improvements. As we work with Village Hall and residents to meet our Climate Smart Community goals, we will continue to update our recommendations and provide the best resources to help us all transition to clean energy together.