Minor changes add up to MAJOR IMPACT!

Looking for ways to take action, but don’t know how to make the biggest impact?

We’ve got you covered! Below are a few QUICK and EASY action steps that make a big difference to our local community while also benefiting our homes and families. Even if you only have a few minutes, you can get something done and come back later to check off the others. Let’s get through this list together!

Have one minute?

Have 5 minutes?

Have 15 minutes?

  • Pick up your Food Scrap Recycling Kit from Village Hall: Bronxville’s growing Food Scrap Recycling Program is a turn-key residential composting program. Village Hall provides a kit residents can purchase that includes everything needed for an easy kitchen collection of food scraps and drop off for commercial composting!

  • Download ConEd’s Grid Rewards App and start earning money by reducing energy use during peak spring and summer months. The app will alert you when to reduce energy to earn savings and reduce pollution caused when backup “peaker” plants are turned on during times of high energy demand.

Have 30 minutes?

  • Learn about the importance of planting native plants and talk to your landscaper about eliminating pesticides from your maintenance – organics are healthier for your lawn and your family, and landscapers can easily switch to these treatments if you ask them.

Have more time?

  • Get a FREE energy audit: Bedford2030 is running an energy challenge offering 150 Westchester residents a FREE energy audit with an energy coach – sign up is quick! Learn how to save money on energy bills, make your home more comfortable and reduce polluting greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Participate in one of the many local cleanups this spring:

Westchester Parks Foundation: Volunteer opportunities range from invasive plant removal, trail clearing, gardening, wildlife habitat restoration and shoreline clean ups – preserving some of Westchester’s most valuable assets!

Our goal is to be a helpful resource to Bronxville residents. Please let us know if you participate in any of these actions and have suggestions, or if you have in mind other topics you would like us to research and highlight in future programming. You can reach us at bronxvillegreencommittee@gmail.com.

To learn more, please visit the Bronxville Giving Garden