Goals & Accomplishments

Bronxville Green Committee

Strong & Sustainable – Protecting what we love

Climate Smart Communities

Goals: Register for the New York State Climate Smart Communities (CSC) program and identify action items within the specified framework to create a sustainable climate action plan and achieve a bronze program designation. 


Recycling & Waste Reduction

Goals: Promote existing recycling rules/resources and implement new local programs to reduce waste and increase recycling. 


Healthy Yards

Goals: Create awareness about harmful yard practices and provide resources to help residents transition to healthier alternatives that can maintain sustainable landscapes that protect humans, wildlife and our environment. 


Giving Garden

Goals: Help address food insecurity in our area by producing vegetables and donating to local organizations; promote the garden as a gathering and education center in our community. 


Community Engagement & Outreach

Goals: Promote Green Committee’s programs in the community, educate and engage residents about environmental best practices and develop partnerships with local organizations.