2021 Accomplishments

Bronxville Green Committee

Strong & Sustainable – Protecting what we love

Climate Smart Communities

Goal: Register for the New York State Climate Smart Communities (CSC) program and identify action items within the specified framework to create a sustainable climate action plan and achieve a bronze program designation.


  • Presented NYS Climate Smart Communities program to Trustees

  • Worked with Village Hall to pass a resolution to register for the CSC program

  • Established the required task force and coordinator

  • Joined ICLIE, a global nonprofit, which provides software and technology support for greenhouse gas inventory of community and municipal operations

  • Created project plans and identified resources to meet the July 2022 submission for CSC bronze status

Recycling & Waste Reduction

Goal: Promote existing recycling rules/resources and implement new local programs to reduce waste and increase recycling.


  • Addressed resident requests to add food scraps to municipal recycling efforts in an effort to create compost while reducing waste and pollution

    • Worked with Village Hall to pass a resolution for a residential Food Scrap Recycling program

    • Conducted successful launch with 125 households signing up for the program within the first month

  • Conducted and expanded TAKE BACK DAY in June and November with more than three hundred cars passing through with paper recycling and/or donations

  • Reinstated the Film Plastic Recycling receptacle at Acme market and created numerous communications to support the plastic bag ban law

Healthy Yards

Goal: Create awareness about harmful yard practices and provide resources to help residents transition to healthier alternatives that can maintain sustainable landscapes that protect humans, wildlife and our environment.


  • Addressed community complaints regarding the health and environmental impacts of gas-powered leaf blowers:

    • Worked with Village Hall to pass a resolution extending the ban on the gas-powered leaf blower ordinance to allow use only during Fall/Spring clean up

    • Created and presented a public report that included industry findings, local municipal laws and community and landscaper surveys

    • Rallied local support and communicated efforts, benefits and the revised ordinance to the community

  • Formed the Bronxville Pollinator Pathway Group, created logo, and education content

  • Planted three native gardens in Village public spaces

  • Recommended environmentally beneficial plantings for the foundation of the new DPW building – blooms to appear Spring 2022

Giving Garden

Goal: Help address food insecurity in our area by producing vegetables and donating to local organizations; promote the garden as a gathering and education center in our community.


  • Another successful season growing and donating 500-600lbs of vegetables to Eastchester Community Action Program

  • Conducted an educational event for the Bronxville School Mentoring Program

Community Engagement & Outreach

Goal: Promote Green Committee’s programs in the community, educate and engage residents about environmental best practices and develop partnerships with local organizations.


  • Launched a comprehensive website which provides education and resources about community programs, waste/recycling, healthy yards/biodiversity, clean energy and sustainability practices

  • Established social media presence on Instagram and Facebook

  • Published seventeen action-oriented articles in My Hometown Bronxville

  • Created Green Committee tagline and support materials

  • Conducted monthly Green Committee meetings to provide updates and solicit feedback from supporters

  • Participated in the Chamber of Commerce Farmers’ Market & Sidewalk Sales

  • Organized various events with local community organizations including the Reformed Church April Clean Up, Bronxville Middle School Character & Community and Boy/Girl Scouts Spring Bacon Woods Park Invasive Species Clearing & Fall Alfredo Field Mulching & Weeding

  • Attended various industry and local municipal virtual events to learn about new programs and share best practices