"Upon Request" Law

For more information, see the Westchester County website

A new Westchester County “Upon Request” law states no food service establishment will provide single-use foodware or condiment packets to any dine-in or take-away customer unless specifically requested. Items include forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks, cup sleeves, beverage lids and condiment packets or cups.  


The law is effective September 2, 2023, and is intended to eliminate unneeded and unwanted foodware and condiments from dine-in or take-out orders to reduce single-use waste in Westchester County. This common-sense, mindful approach allows customers to request the foodware items they need.


Highlights include:

 “It will take time for customers and businesses to become accustomed to this new legislation,” says Ellen Edwards, Chair of the Bronxville Green Committee. “If you find a business that included single-use items in their delivery, we hope you contact them to remind them of the law. And if you forget to request a needed item, or an item you requested is not in your order, we hope you’ll be patient. Soon we’ll all be used to the new routine and we’re confident Bronxville residents will be supportive of the county’s effort to reduce waste.” We’ll enjoy the benefits of reducing the amount of single-use plastic we throw away – by not acquiring it in the first place!