Energy Smart Homes

This winter, Bronxville is partnering with Sustainable Westchester, a nonprofit consortium of local municipalities, to help residents of single-family homes utilize and benefit from clean, renewable energy. This Energy Smart Homes program provides:

  • Clean Energy Technology Information

  • Rebates & Tax Incentives Updates

  • NYSERDA Certified Contractor List

  • Local Resident Testimonials

  • One-on-One Assistance

Addressing your home’s heating and cooling system can be a complex process. This program provides resources to help answer your questions as you navigate your options during the following steps – you don’t have to do all the work yourself!

Assess: An easy energy audit provides a complete top-to-bottom assessment of where your home is wasting energy. You’ll learn the root cause of drafts, inconsistent temperatures, and technological inefficiencies.

Review: Once you’ve identified your home’s particular concerns, choose the improvements and financing that fit your needs. Something as simple as insulation and air sealing may do the trick or knowing that a heat pump hot water heater, instead of a traditional gas one, may make a difference in your annual utility bills.

Upgrade: A certified contractor can install the technologies in your home; you enjoy comfort and cost savings, and we all benefit from your home’s reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Upgrades to consider:

“Bronxville is excited to be partnering with Sustainable Westchester to bring residents valuable home energy information and resources,” says Mayor Mary Marvin. “State and federal incentives are now higher than ever. It makes sense for homeowners to learn what efficiencies they can achieve, and what money they can save.”

Rather than waiting until your old boiler dies and you’re forced to make less-than-ideal choices, contact us to learn more about your options now so you’re ready to act when the time is right.

If you’re already scheduling an energy audit or installing new clean energy equipment, contact us to confirm you are receiving the maximum discounts and rebate benefits and put your name on the Village list as residents working to decrease our environmental footprint.