Film Plastic Wrap & Bags

Plastic film is the soft, flexible polyethylene packaging used for most types of everyday bags and product wraps. It's everywhere and good news, it’s RECYCLABLE! Although recyclable, these plastics should NOT be placed in curbside pickup.

Instead, these plastics must be taken to a drop-off location, like a grocery or other large retail store, to be collected for proper recycling. The Bronxville Green Committee recently worked with the Acme store in town to set up a collection bin outside its exit. It’s now easy and convenient for residents to collect their film plastic and drop it off when in town.

See the many items that are accepted below. A general rule is that if you can’t tear it, you can include it and when in doubt, throw it out. You can get started today by setting up a separate collection bin next to your other kitchen recycling bins – you’ll be shocked to see how much is collected in one week!

Benefits of properly recycling plastic film wrap and bags: 

See the short video below for more information the plastic film recycling process!