Litter Clean Up 

Village Litter Clean Up April 2023

Photos by N. Bower 

Kicking off Earth Week with a Local Litter Clean Up! 

On April 15th, members of the Bronxville Green Committee, students and Village officials worked together to pick up litter throughout the Village’s central business district.  Mayor Mary Marvin, Trustee Helen Knapp, Town Administrator Jim Palmer, and County Legislator James Nolan joined their efforts.

“With this event, we hope to raise awareness that litter is not just an eyesore but also an environmental hazard," says Ellen Edwards, Chair of the Bronxville Green Committee. "It leaches toxic chemicals into our air, soil, and water, and contributes to the loss of animal and plant life. We can each do our part to pick up litter when we see it."

Thanks to all who volunteered!

What can you do about litter?

Dispose of trash responsibly. When you see that a street trash bin is full, carry your trash to the next receptacle or take it home for proper disposal. To prevent trash and recycling from escaping from bins on collection day, be sure to keep lids tightly closed and, when possible, wait and put the bins outside just before pickup. If you smoke, please dispose of your cigarette butts responsibility and don’t throw them on the ground.

Pick up litter.  It’s in everyone’s best interest to remove visible trash. Are you a member of a local organization that might organize clean-up events or “adopt” an area where you patrol regularly to pick up litter? Can you gather an informal group of friends to become a “litter squad” or “green angels”? Or simply make a habit of picking up litter wherever you go. Free kits that include grabbers, liners, work gloves, scales, and reflective vests are available to those who sign up on the Keep America Beautiful Volunteer Portal.

Hold family members accountable. We all need reminders that our actions have far-reaching consequences, and that there are good reasons to make the extra effort to dispose of trash properly.

By doing our part, we honor and support the invaluable contribution of Bronxville’s DPW, whose staff works hard to remove trash, collect recyclables, and transport yard waste to where it can be composted.

Lastly, Support Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation. Consider writing to State Senator Shelley Mayer in support of Bill Number S1185C, which would establish an extended producer responsibility program for paper and packaging with the goal of creating a circular economy for recycling. Find details on the NY Senate webpage.